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Michael Kwame Nkonu


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Michael Kwame Nkonu

Michael Kwame Nkonu works on food systems and smallholder agriculture as a program officer with the Open Society Foundations’ (OSF) Economic Justice Program. Michael has over 16 years of international development experience in agriculture, international trade, technology for socio-economic development, and biodiversity conservation mainly in Africa and South Asia. Prior to joining OSF, Michael led the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s SUSTAIN-Africa program in Tanzania which focused on green growth, and worked with smallholder farmers and workers as the executive director of Fairtrade Africa. Michael has also worked in mobile technology and agriculture with the GSM Association to bridge the information gap for smallholder farmers and support sustainable socio-economic development. Michael holds a master's in Sustainability Leadership from Cambridge University as well as master's in Agriculture, Food Security, and Natural Resources Management from the University of Hohenheim. Michael will be co-curating the TASTE track.