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Mhoze Chikowero


About The Speaker

Mhoze Chikowero

Mhoze Chikowero is an Associate Professor of African History at the University of California, Santa Barbara where his research revolves around sonic engineering as state making as read through music, radio broadcasting, and electrification. Mhoze is also the founding director of research for the Mbira Institute, a Harare-based independent institution seeking to leverage African intellectual and cultural capital for African self-development. Mhoze completed his undergraduate studies in economic history at the University of Zimbabwe and received his Ph.D. from Dalhousie University in Canada. He was previously a Charles Ryskamp Fellow at the American Council of Learned Societies and an ACLS Visiting Research Professor at Wits University. He is currently a Research Fellow at Leiden University. Mhoze will be co-curating the SOUND track.

Twitter: @ProfMhoze