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Femi Longe


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Femi Longe

Femi Longe is a social entrepreneur, enterprise trainer, innovation consultant, and speaker with a keen interest in helping individuals and organizations be their best selves and to do their best job to enable a better world. He is the co-Founder and Director of Innovation at Co-Creation Hub, Nigeria’s foremost social innovation center committed to stimulating and supporting innovation for a better Nigeria. As Director of Innovation, Femi drives collaborative co-creation processes to generate innovative technology solutions for social and commercial challenges. He is keen about helping individuals find the intersection between their passion and the needs of the world. He is an avid traveler and has visited or lived in 42 countries and counting. He is currently completing a master's in Education Technology/Learning Science at the Centre for Research and Interdisciplinary. Femi will be curating product innovation at African Crossroads 2019.