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Movies and Virtual Reality Movies


  1. Water, Capitalism and Identity in Lamu (working title) by Kunle Adeyemi & Azza Satti
  2. A Beautiful Struggle by Dafe Oboro | Vlisco&co
  3. An Alien in Town by Daniel Obasi | Vlisco&co
  4. Udara by Daniel Obasi | Vlisco&co
  5. African sounds – Egypt/Tunisia by Malek Maazoun
  6. From the Trap to the World by Yamiko Yakobe
  7. Core Dump | Dakar, Kinshasa, Shenzhen, New York by Fran├žois Knoetze
  8. Mavambo (The Beginning) / The Sound of Dance in Harare (The City That Never Sleeps) by Tatenda Kanengoni

Virtual Reality Movies

  1. Let This Be A Warning by The Nest Collective
  2. Virtual Humans by Melisa Alela
  3. Spirit Robot by Selly Raby Kane
  4. The Other Dakar by Jonathan Dotse